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Streamlined Order Fulfillment

At Magnum Warehouse Services, we’re dedicated to providing efficient, reliable, and cost-effective order fulfillment solutions. Our goal is to make your logistics processes as smooth as possible. We achieve this by leveraging cutting-edge technology and a committed team to ensure precision and speed in every order we handle.

Our streamlined processes are designed to not only fulfill orders effectively but also optimize your overall logistics. By partnering with us, you’ll save both time and resources, leading to reduced operational costs. We handle all the details, from inventory management to product selection and secure packaging, ensuring orders are shipped promptly and accurately.

With us, you can trust in the reliability of your logistics operations, allowing you to focus on core business activities like growth and customer expansion. We offer practical order fulfillment services, forming a reliable partnership to support your business. Let us handle the logistics so that you can concentrate on achieving your business goals.

  • Monitored Fire and Burglar Alarm System.

  • Dock and Ground Doors.

  • 5000lb fork truck on site.

  • Food grade and heated.

Warehousing Locations

We are currently offering warehouse solutions in Plainfield, IN.

Not close by? No problem! We also offer on-site storage trailer solutions.

Order Fulfillment Services

  • Pick and Pack: Our expert team efficiently selects products from your inventory and carefully packs them for shipping, ensuring accuracy and speed.

  • Inventory Management: We provide real-time inventory tracking and optimization, helping you minimize overstock and stockouts, thus reducing carrying costs.

  • Shipping: Utilizing our network of trusted carriers, we offer reliable and cost-effective shipping solutions, both domestically and internationally.

  • Returns Handling: Our hassle-free returns management process includes inspection, restocking, and prompt communication with customers, maintaining your brand’s reputation.

Who We Serve

  • E-commerce: Tailored solutions for online retailers, including fast order processing, same-day shipping, and integration with e-commerce platforms like Shopify and WooCommerce.

  • Food and Beverage: Temperature-controlled warehousing and compliant handling for perishable goods, ensuring product freshness.

  • Promotional Products: Efficient handling of promotional merchandise, including custom packaging and direct-to-customer shipping for marketing campaigns.

  • Electronics and Technology: Specialized handling and packaging for delicate electronics, including anti-static materials and rigorous quality checks.

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